Noonie Cleanse and Soothe Perineal Spray

Introducing the Noonie Cleanse and Soothe Spray



PERINEAL SPRAY?! What is that? Why do I need that? How do I use it? We’re here to answer all your questions!

Firstly, what is the perineum?

The perineum is the area between the vagina and anus. It’s normal for women to experience tenderness and swelling of the perineum during labour due to the pressure on the area in birthing those beautiful babies earthside.

It’s common that swelling and tenderness of the perineum will continue for a few days post birth.

What is a perineal spray and is it necessary?

The purpose of a Perineal Spray is to clean the sensitive perineum. It normally comes in a squeeze bottle with water and some contain ingredients that soothe and cool the skin for added relief from inflammation.

Simply put, you’ll want a perineal spray or rinse after birth. Maintaining vaginal and perineal hygiene is definitely an important part of postpartum recovery. If you experience a tear, the absolute last thing you’d want to do is to clean the area by wiping.

So where do I get it?

If you give birth in a hospital, you will likely get a free perineal bottle that can be filled with water to rinse your noonie after urinating. Some mothers will buy empty perineal bottles beforehand and DIY their own healing blends. And of course, we make a Cleanse and Soothe Spray perfect for perineum care!

Noonie Cleanse & Soothe Perineal Spray

Why not just use the hospital bottle?

Often these supplied bottles leak and are not ergonomically designed for simple use. They’re filled with just water which isn’t the most effective cleansing solution and the DIY blends often contain ingredients like alcohol that irritate the skin and simply can’t match products specifically formulated for wound care.

Noonie Cleanse and Soothe Perineal Spray in packaging

This is where our specially formulated Cleanse and Soothe Spray comes in. It’s the perfect no-touch cleansing and soothing solution for the perineum in the early days after childbirth. It could not be easier to use — with an advanced 360-degree spray applicator, you can spray upside down with the perfect mist pressure. The 100% ‘no touch cleansing’ formula is effective against urine, blood and discharge.

We have worked with skincare experts and medical professionals to develop this original, gentle and all natural perineal spray. The special formula contains native Australian ingredients like the Tasmanian Pepperberry, which has antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The result is a perineal cleanser which works to soothe and cool the area without drying the skin or affecting the natural acid mantle and pH!

What is the Tasmanian Pepperberry?

The Tasmanian Pepperberry plant or Tasmannia Lanceolata grows in the mountains of South Eastern Australia and produces small, round, purple-black berries. When dried, the berries resemble black pepper grains in size and colour. The pepperberries and leaves contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can be used to calm skin discomfort and have been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal people.

Tasmanian Pepperberry

It’s gentle enough to be used on stitches — when we say no-touch, we mean no-touch. During testing, the spray removed eyeshadow applied to skin, without wiping, just a spray and rinse. So just spray, rinse with water and pat dry or pop your padsicle lined underwear straight back on; it can be used whenever you need relief.

This cleanser can also be used outside of pregnancy; for other skin wounds, haemorrhoids or any leakage during your period. Our multi-purpose spray is an absolute essential product to pack in your hospital bag and then keep in your nappy bag for whatever mom life throws at you!

Our Story

Noonie is a unique maternity care brand founded in Australia for moms by Alana Nolan. The idea for the first invention and core product came when Alana’s friend was preparing for the birth of her first baby girl and required functional and hygienic cooling maternity pads post delivery. Alana was unsatisfied with the old-fashioned DIY “padsicles” but could not find any other viable alternatives even after searching every corner of the web. Refusing to let her friend use unhygienic and soggy padsicles, Alana proceeded to make the first noonie pad with integrated cooling.

Sensing that the new moms demographic is perennially overlooked and underserved, the Padsicle soon went from a home experiment to a commercial purpose addressing a global challenge. Together with her co-Founder, they began creating original postnatal recovery solutions. Through a miraculous discovery from the Australian bush, the Pad was followed up by the creation of a complementary non-touch soothing and cleansing spray.




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