Introducing the Noonie Padsicles

3 min readMay 26, 2020

PADSICLES?! What are they? Why do I need them? How do I use them? How long will I need them? We’re here to answer all your questions!

Padsicles are a common solution to assist in healing and soothing your noonie after a natural birth.

So what are Padsicles?

Many expecting moms turn to homemade Padsicles. These are maternity pads (super-sized sanitary napkins), that typically have a mix of aloe vera, lavender essential oil and witch hazel applied to the cotton coating. The coated pad gets placed in the freezer so that it’s nice and cold when worn inside underwear after delivery.

The purpose is to absorb blood and other discharge fluids, support the healing of any tears or inflammation and cool the angry noonies of moms who are sore and tired after giving birth.

Why not just a regular pad?

If you’ve opted for a natural birth, it’s completely normal to feel a little tender in the early days after delivery. Whether you tear or not, your noonie will likely be swollen and a little sore from the pressure placed on the perineum (space between your noonie and your bottom) when pushing.

This isn’t something to be afraid of — having a padsicle and a soothing spray are the perfect accompaniments to help ease and support your recovery.

It’s typical for postpartum bleeding to last for up to 6 weeks, with the heaviest being the first couple of weeks. This is why you need to use maternity pads after birth. But the benefit of wearing a padsicle or cooling maternity pad, is that it speeds up the healing time for your noonie and perineum. The cooling helps to soothe any soreness and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Do I have to make them?

DIY padsicles have been popular for years and various “recipes” discussed in detail on all the mommy blogs. However, DIY padsicles are not the best approach. They may not be hygienic and are time and energy consuming to make. To save new mothers the hassle of making padsicles when 9 months pregnant, Noonie came up with the perfect solution.

The Solution: Noonie Padsicles

The Solution

The Noonie Padsicles are made from 100% organic cotton and are safe to use for early recovery days, right after giving birth, when the bleeding is at its heaviest. Developed in consultation with medical professionals, obstetricians and midwives, our padsicles feature our original instant-chill panel which is integrated into the Pad, this is activated by an easy squeeze which gives you immediate cooling relief.

Tears, stitches, swelling, soreness, bleeding and gooping are all part of the process, and we understand them all. Our Padsicles will behave like other maternity pads, are ultra-absorbent and comfortable to wear, while being lightweight with full coverage.

Noonie Cooling Padsicles — How to use

Our Padsicles are a Must-have care product for postpartum moms after giving birth and should be in every recovery kit, a definite upgrade to the homemade versions. Sign up to be notified when the Noonie Padsicles are ready to purchase. Launching some time in the middle of 2020.

Our Story

Noonie is a unique maternity care brand founded in Australia for moms by Alana Nolan. The idea for the first invention and core product came when Alana’s friend was preparing for the birth of her first baby girl and required functional and hygienic cooling maternity pads post delivery. Alana was unsatisfied with the old-fashioned DIY “padsicles” but could not find any other viable alternatives even after searching every corner of the web. Refusing to let her friend use unhygienic and soggy padsicles, Alana proceeded to make the first noonie pad with integrated cooling.

Sensing that the new moms demographic is perennially overlooked and underserved, the Pad soon went from a home experiment to a commercial purpose addressing a global challenge. Together with her co-Founder, they began creating original postnatal recovery solutions. Through a miraculous discovery from the Australian bush, the Pad was followed up by the creation of a complementary non-touch soothing and cleansing spray.




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